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€ 100,00

Offer at least € 100,00

Your bid is always exclusive of VAT.

The auction will start from a minimum bid of at least €100 and run 30 days from the moment of this minimum bid onwards.


€ 500

The 'buy now' price is €500.

The first who bids €500 (exclusive of VAT) will immediately be the new owner of this domain name.

Your bid still allows others to out bid you or immediately buy this domain name through the 'Buy Now' price mechanism.

Immediately buy this domain name and don't risk losing it.
Nobody else can outbid you or buy this domain name anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already own a similar domain, why do I need another one?

The answer is quite simple, you will get more exposure for your business at a very low cost. Search engines file your page content within your domain name. If you have multiple domains, this multiplies the chances of having a visitor find you quicker and more easily.

Do I need more than one website if I have multiple domains ?

No. You can simply redirect natural traffic from the new domain to your existing website. It's a quick and simple process, just change the nameservers to point to your existing website.

How do I know for sure I will become the new owner of the domain name ??

If you win an auction or buy a domain at the 'buy now' price, you will receive an invoice proving you bought the domain name. Once your invoice is paid, you receive confirmation in writing you are the new owner.

Is the purchase price a one time payment?

Yes. This is a one time payment. In future you will not be invoiced again for this domain name.

How long does it take to transfer the domain name?

You can expect the domain to be transfered to your account within a few business days only. You will receive transfer codes as soon as your payment is done.

How can I buy a domain name on

To buy a domain name, you need to place the winning bid in an auction or offer the 'buy now' price to be sure you immediately become the new owner.

How do I get full control and ownership of a domain name?

Once we received your payment, you will receive all necessary transfer codes so the domain name is transferred to you. From this moment onwards, you will have full control over the domain name.